The Republican Project to Break Your Email Account

This Republican fundraising pitch, and the many others that it resembles, raise uncomfortable questions. What is the stupidest possible fundraising appeal that would still succeed in separating a modest, hard-working Republican from his money?

To avoid any confusion, I believe in fundraising programs that are fundamentally honest, avoid “dark patterns” and are respectful of supporters. And it’s clear the way forward for campaigns is a more integrated digital fundraising approach.

But one question I haven’t seen confronted is, “Why are these types of programs effective.” True, they’re not as effective as they once were now that campaigns and PACs up and down the ballot are all mimicking each other. Still there’s some segment of the donor pool that gives to these types of appeals and prefer them.

It reminds me a little of the phenomenon of “kayfabe” in professional wrestling. Donors know this is all fake but they still contribute.